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I'm Corina Straub - Although I’ve chosen to keep my business and website’s original name ‘Esquivel’ I’ve aquired a new surname October 2018 when I married a lovely German man in 2018. I’m an Esquivel but I’m also a Straub.
Ok! now that that’s out of the way here’s a little bit more about me.

I’m a Mexican-Canadian photographer based in Birmingham, UK. I’m inspired by natural light, movement, hands, nature, travel, love, the moon, sunshine falling on the skin, and my faith.

I love all kinds of photography however I specialize in Editorial, lifestyle and love stories.

I’m also passionate about creating content for brands, and small businesses and helping them tell their stories. If you’re a creator, or a businness owner head over to www.wearechapel.com or www.wideopenuk.com to check out more of my photo work.

I want to document beautiful content and memories that make people stop.
You’re probably here because you want to remember a specific moment, a season with your loved one(s) or because you’re a business owner in need of visuals that truly tell your brand story in a personal and honest way. If any of these speaks to you then I’d love to chat. I believe we all have unique stories, and I would love to help you tell yours.

Send an email to info@corinaesquivel.com to inquire or fill out the form below.

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Photo by Kaley Kocinski